Divorce is already disruptive in the lives of children. The prospect of moving away from one parent often continues the disruption. Few issues following a divorce are as legally complex and emotionally charged as relocation. The courts understand the impact of relocation, making approval of these requests both challenging and rare.

Legal representation is needed to protect parental rights and ensure the best interests of children. Whether you are pursuing or disputing a relocation, the attorneys at Dunham & Ingram, LLC, will provide the diligent and compassionate legal advocacy you need.

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A Focus On Your Rights As A Parent And The Best Interests Of Your Children

Specific procedural rules must be followed in Florida when a custodial parent requests to relocate a child or children more than 50 miles away. First and foremost, any relocation must be in the best interests of children.

Relocations can be pursued successfully with the cooperation and consent of the noncustodial parent. The agreement must be in writing, define visitation rights and document transportation arrangements. Once agreed upon by both parties, the contract must be ratified by the court.

For disputed requests, a petition to relocate must be filed with the court. Detailed information must be provided as to the specific reasons for the relocation, the intended new residence and date of the move. If an agreement still cannot be reached, a hearing is scheduled to consider facts and circumstances regarding the parent-child relationship and the feasibility of maintaining that relationship.

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