Property And Debt Division

When it comes to dividing property as part of your divorce, you need an attorney who will provide focused and results-driven representation. You also need an advocate who remains objective in the face of emotionally charged issues.

At Dunham & Ingram, LLC, we can help you make choices in your best interests during a time when decision-making is impaired.

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Personalized And Focused Representation In Dividing Your Marital Debts

The stress of a life-changing event can become overwhelming. Disputes over marital asset division can turn a cooperative divorce into a significant conflict. In a majority of divorces, debt becomes "property" that needs to be divided. With many Florida residents and Americans dealing with past-due mortgages, credit card bills and student loans, debt division is becoming a growing and highly contentious issue.

As with other issues involved in a divorce, we approach the division of assets and debts individually. We take proactive steps in identifying the specific issues with a focus on negotiating the best possible result. No matter who accumulated the debts, fair and equitable division is necessary.

At our Gainesville-area law firm, everything we do on your behalf is focused on your best interests and those of your children.

Contact An Ocala Divorce Property Division Attorney

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