Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup, is a written agreement signed by a couple who intend to marry before the actual ceremony. The premarital contract covers various issues should a marriage end in divorce, including alimony and property division.

At Dunham & Ingram, LLC, we know the importance of attending to every detail of a prenuptial agreement.

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Protecting Your Best Interests Through Prenuptial Agreements

Entering into an agreement has positives and negatives. It serves to bring clarity to the division of marital and nonmarital property. However, it can deny spouses who agree to forego alimony the necessary support that they would be entitled to under Florida law.

Prenuptial agreements are written to be enforceable and clarify specific parameters in a marriage. Yet, the documents still become sources of contention in Florida divorce courts. Tangible issues must exist as opposed to accepting what is now considered a "bad deal."

Spouses can seek to invalidate the prenup due to claims of coercion in signing the contract. Accusations of fraud arise when a spouse fails to provide full financial disclosure of their assets and financial condition.

Prenuptial agreements are proactive measures that should be done in a sufficient period of time before a wedding. Each side needs time to contemplate the terms and negotiate certain terms if necessary. Retaining a lawyer is an important first step.

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