DCS And Dependency Proceedings

While the Department of Child Services (DCS) provides necessary help and protection for Florida children, the power they have amassed is shocking. Many of our clients discover the depth of the DCS's influence on their lives only after they are targeted for investigations.

At Dunham & Ingram, LLC, we understand the stakes involved when custody of your child is at risk. We strive to even the odds you face against a powerful government entity possessing vast resources.

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Overcoming The Obstacles Involving DCS Investigations And Hearings

Simply stated, the DCS can remove children from their home without a jury trial. A teacher may have noticed an injury to one of their students. Upon questioning the child, the educator takes action by reporting the "incident" to the DCS.

While parents assume that they will have their "day in court," adjuratory hearings and dependency proceedings are unlike any other trial. Hearsay is allowed and admissible. In addition, judges who interact with DCS representatives and guardians ad litem daily are more likely to believe their testimony than that of the accused parents.

While fear and anger on your part is understandable, staying calm and keeping a clear head is vital. The attitude that you bring into a courtroom can work against you. Your demeanor makes a difference, particularly if you are accused of abusing your child.

The first step toward dedicated legal advocacy to protect your parental rights is a telephone call to our firm.

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