At Dunham & Ingram, LLC, our attorneys are dedicated to finding the best resolution to your divorce. The end of a marriage creates uncertainty with many spouses choosing family over career pursuits. When one household becomes two, the financial needs of nonworking husbands and wives must be addressed to determine the type of spousal support best for them.

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In Florida, alimony can take many forms:

  • Permanent alimony — Awarded to meet the needs established during the marriage
  • Rehabilitative alimony — Awarded to a spouse to establish self-support through schooling or training
  • Bridge-the-gap alimony — Allows for a transition from the marriage and assists with short-term needs
  • Durational alimony — Provides economic assistance for a period of time

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State courts must make a determination based on the facts of either party's ability to pay maintenance. From there, the proper alimony type is determined. The amount of alimony is based on the following:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Standard of living of the marriage
  • Earning capacities of each spouse
  • Educational levels, vocational skills and employability of each spouse
  • Financial resources, including nonmarital and marital assets and debts
  • Child custody and support responsibilities

Alimony is not a "do-it-yourself" process that involves putting numbers into an online calculator. Many divorcing couples want shortcuts to save time and money. They either make agreements on their own or forego financial support. Once formalized, alimony cannot be revisited.

These so-called simplified calculations and informal arrangements can end up costing much more for spouses paying for or entitled to alimony.

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